Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

Tealight holder / tealight glass

This is the tealight glass I was talking about yesterday. My fickle little muse only wants to make those at the moment *sigh*.
They are ridiculously simple, really, but I have handed out several as presents already and everyone loves them *lol*. Perfect little present. So of course I included one in the package I sent off yesterday.

For the effect on the glass I used a product from Heike Schäfer, but since her products are generelly unavailable outside of Germany and this particular product is not sold via her online shop, you might want to give "Kristallgel" by Viva Decor a try. It's the only other product I found so far that gives this very same effect if you apply dabbing with a sponge. Most other colors either get air bubbles or smooth out and look like shit when dry *lol*. Yes, I am kind of hard to please in this compartment.

The snow was applied using snow paste in a tube. Not sure if there are internationally available products, I'd wager a guess and say yes. The one I use is once again strictly German only.
The glitter on the snow is a transparent one. I have used white iridescent one as well on some glasses, but this one looks more real of course. Real snow doesn't twinkle grenn and pink, does it?

The snowflakes come from my most favourite die out of the winter dies by Tim Holtz. "Winter Wonderland", the one with the snowman (totally awesome as well, used him for another project, but I won't get this done before christmas, sadly). I used chipboard, painted the snowflakes white, distressed the edges using Walnut Stain Ink and added Twinklets Diamond Dust generously. I bought this stuff last year, but never before used it. It is truly gorgeous. I'm sad I only bought the 3 .oz jar, Joanna Sheen doesn't stock it anymore :o(

Totally simple, but as you can see from my babbling, I am truly and totally smitten by these little glasses.

I still have about ten of those glasses left. There is a certain type of chocolate spread my boyfriend loves (I think it is totally disgusting, I truly don't like anything white chocolate *yuck*) and it comes in these whiskey tumbler styled glasses. Awesome for crafting.

For tomorrow I have a desktop calender I'll show you. The pictures I took a completely useless and I didn't check them before I packed the calender up so I couldn't retake them *sigh*. That's blonde little me, I tell you.

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