Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

For a change: A book (without a mark)

This is the last of my October projects and it is actually something just for myself *lol*. Most of the time I don't keep the things I craft and hardly make anything for myself.

It's a shopping book and I had it with me at the "Kreativwelt Wiesbaden" a crafting tradeshow close by. Of course I forgot to take pictures before I went, so these are "after" pictures, but I think it survived the ordeal quite well.

It's the first book I ever made. And I wanted it to be flexible, therefore I didn't use a spiral to bind it. I tried book rings first, but those gave too much leeway and looked like crap, so I used simpel ribbon instead. It is probably not the most elegant solution, but I had to come up with something fast and it keeps the book together firmly, while I am still able to remove or add pages whenever I want to.

I'll probably make more books in the future, it was quite a fun project to do.

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