Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

First coloration with Copic

What do you think?

I bought my first 12 Copics in 2004, but since I didn't know back then what I was buying, I didn't get several shades of the colors but one yellow, one purple, two blues etc. Couldn't use them for anything and didn't like them much back then. But I got never around to selling them again and after I became a stamper last spring, I saw a lot of great color jobs done with Copic.

Well... my time has come, I ordered 20 new colors last week, this times in shades *lol*. They arrived today and I had to try them out right away.

Initially this was thought to be a just a training piece, but I think it turned out well enough to be used on a card.

I really love Copics on the second glance *ggg*.

My camera swallowed all the shading on the skin though, I really have to get a new one soon.

Sonntag, 16. Mai 2010

Something completely new

I attended an Art Clay class yesterday and made this leave pendant. Art Clay is still a pretty new thing in Germany, though I know it has been popular in the US for years already. So I was really excited to learn that there was a class available.

My pendant is of course not perfect. Some parts look pretty rough and the leave's veins didn't come out as clearly as I hoped, but I love it anyway and next time I'll do a better job *gggg*

The veins don't look this harsh in real, I don't know what the camera did to it, it probably shows the lines of the polish needle too well ;o) I left most of the leave matte and only polished the veins and lines to a high shine to give it some contrast. Really pretty in real, really weird on the picture.

I'll probably attend this class again in fall and try some different things, using the syringe and stuff. I sadly didn't have the money left to do more than this one piece this time around :o(

Sonntag, 2. Mai 2010

Wedding Card

Now that voting for the challenge I entered with this card is closed, I can show you the wedding card I made a few weeks ago.
A friend of my mother will marry in June and I thought she should have a really unique card to give her ;o)