Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

First coloration with Copic

What do you think?

I bought my first 12 Copics in 2004, but since I didn't know back then what I was buying, I didn't get several shades of the colors but one yellow, one purple, two blues etc. Couldn't use them for anything and didn't like them much back then. But I got never around to selling them again and after I became a stamper last spring, I saw a lot of great color jobs done with Copic.

Well... my time has come, I ordered 20 new colors last week, this times in shades *lol*. They arrived today and I had to try them out right away.

Initially this was thought to be a just a training piece, but I think it turned out well enough to be used on a card.

I really love Copics on the second glance *ggg*.

My camera swallowed all the shading on the skin though, I really have to get a new one soon.


  1. also mir gefällt deine coloration total gut :)))
    Lg, Alma

  2. Cant beleive this is your first go, its perfect hugs pops x

  3. Hallo Heike - ich finde dein Projekt toll....nur schade das du nur noch in englisch schreibst....der translater schreibt dann immer irgendwie komisches zeugs....