Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

All I got for Christmas - German only, sorry

Ich hab dieses Jahr so unglaublich viel tolle Weihnachtspost bekommen. Ihr glaubt gar nicht, wie gerührt ich war und wie viele Tränen da tatsächlich an Weihnachten gelaufen sind, weil ihr an mich gedacht habt (Weihnachten war dieses Jahr leider extrem beschissen für mich und sehr einsam *schnüff*). Und natürlich war ich völlig unvorbereitet, weil ich vorher noch nie Post zu Weihnachten bekommen hab, hatte nix fertig, was ich euch hätte schenken können und hab auch nichts mehr auf die Reihe gebracht, aber 2011 wird das anders. Ich werde mir mehr Zeit zum Basteln nehmen und ich werde euch auch endlich mal irgendwann (ich verrate nicht wann *g*) mit hoffentlich schöner Post überraschen ^___^
Und jetzt im Einzelnen:

Von der lieben Katinka bekam ich diese Karte mit lecker Tee drin. Hier ist mein schlechtes Gewissen jetzt schon haushoch, weil Katinka mir auch schon zum Geburtstag dieses hübsche Buch mit der passenden Karte und Abdrücken geschenkt hat und ich natürlich nichts zurück geschickt habe ;__;

Von Susanne kam dieses Überraschungspäckchen mit Bastelsachen, was zum Entspannen und lecker Schoki (und natürlich dem Gedicht am hübsch verzierten H, das ich ständig vor meinen Fellmonstern retten muß O__o)

Von Nicole dieses niedliche Kärtchen hier.

Von Melanie ebenfalls ein super niedliches Kärtchen, plus eine meiner liebsten Schokisorten (Lindt Weihnachtsschokolade), geschickt getarnt in dieser Schokihülle XD

Von meinem Sahnehäubchen Ilona kam dieses bezaubernde Kärtchen, mit Geschenk auf der Innenseite (selbstklebende Schmucksteinchen). Danke dir!

Von Zetti kam diese Karte hier.

Und den Abschluß machte dann Diana mit diesem ganz bezaubernden Kärtchen.

Dafür, daß ich wirklich mit 0 Karten gerechnet hab, ist meine Galerie ganz schön groß geworden. Ihr seid die besten *alle mal drück*

Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010

Last bookmark for 2010

For my boyfriend's sister. She'll get a book from us for Christmas and I thought, it would be nice to have a bookmark to go with it.

At the moment I like this bare place above Tilda's head on the right side. Not sure I'll still like it tomorrow, but I though what the hell *lol*.

Sadly I didn't have any wired edged taffetta ribbon in read, I used it on the bookmark from yesterday. It was just gorgeous for bookmarks. I'll have to place several huge orders with Crafty Ribbons next year.

And since "Anything Goes", I'll submit it to the current Simon Says Stamp challenge.

Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

hÄnglar bookmark

Good morning everyone.

I couldn't take any halfway decent pictures of this bookmark when I finished it yesterday, but it went slightly better this morning. I still need to build something with a daylight lightsource to take pictures. This is really a problem.

Okay, what have a done here? A bookmark, obviously, tag style. I used the Tim Holtz Tag & Bookplates die for the base, a great buy, which I highly recommend for anyone who does a lot of tags or bookmarks, as it also gives you the opportunity to cut another tag out of your design paper, like I did for this bookmark. I just cut off a few additional mm around the edges to let the base cardstock show and that was it.
The die even cuts those rings around the hole. I embossed it using silver embossing powder, to give it a more solid, metal look.

I was one of the few lucky ones to get her hands on hÄnglar kit 20. This beauty is from that kit. Isn't she just gorgeous? I still wonder why they didn't put it on ebay again, but instead kept throwing kit 19 and 18 at us *scratches head*

This bookmark will also be my submission for the current Simon Says Stamp Challenge.

Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

Frosty Memo Board

Damn, the winter this year is just craaazy. It snowed most of yesterday and in the middle of the night (it really was after midnight) the temperature rose to 3 degree Celcius plus and the snow started melting. My car war nearly back to black this morning... and about 45 minutes ago it started snowing like mad again O__o

So, fitting the white Christmas atmosphere out of my window I have another frosty project to show today. It is a memo board, the snowflakes acting as pins, but at the moment it's just supposed to look good. The pins need rework, they are too fragile to do their job properly, sadly.

I couldn't resist using the Tim Holtz Alterations snowman again. It is such cute fellow *gg*. I colored him going by the tutorial Tim showed during the 12 tags of Christmas this year. I just left out the scarf. I don't have a ribbon which would work to my satisfaction :o(

As you can see, I used tons of icicles on this project as well. The pictures are once again beyond crappy, but I hope you can see them anyway for the beauties they are. they turned out much better than my first try on the bottle. It might be because they are considerably larger as well, don't know.

Anyway, I might have another thing to show later. Depends on the light when I finish it.

Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

Boy it's cold outside!

It's been snowing for hours now and we still have all that snow from three days ago. This is so unusual for where I live. I think the cold is heavily influencing my crafting, because instead of some last minute Christmas cards I have to make for my family I made this:

It matches the tealight glass I did show several days ago. I gave one of those to my mother as a present at the 6th of December and I might give that bottle to her as well. I usually put in mini chains of light (10 bulbs, sometimes 20, if it fits), but I thought I'd go differen this time and not integrate the chain cable into the crafting like I ususall do to hide it. This way you can still use it as a lamp, the cable will show but there are chains with transparent or white cables, so I think, it won't hurt too much or you can use it as a vase or candle holder for stick candles, whatever tickles your fancy.

I love the way it turned out. And I love the icicles. I wanted icicles so bad for this bottle, because the shape just cried for it and quite loud as well XD. I have started another project yesterday, which I hope to finish by tomorrow, which will give a better view on the beauty of those icicles, but in the meantime you'll have to do with a closeup of my admittedly not perfect first try ;o)

I didn't hold back with the Diamond Dust again. I wanted this amazing bling for this bottle and I have again used it for my new project, but next I'll try to leave them just shiny and clear to see how this looks in comparison.

So I'm off to my craft table now. I still have to at least color some images for those Christmas cards even though I still don't want to make them *sigh*

Freitag, 17. Dezember 2010

Desktop Calender

As a present she could use all year and not just at winter/Christmas, I made this calender. You can find the tutorial at the Whiff of Joy Inspiration Blog.
I have had a similiar calender (but bought and made from wood) for a couple of years now and I think they are cute, not too small and not too large and very decorative *g*
I made a stand for each season as I couldn't (or wouldn't) decide what to do for an all year round look.

As a already said yesterday, the pictures are crap. I should have checked them right away, but I was in a hury and had to sent off the package... oh well. I may be able to get better pictures from the recipient ;o)

Last but not least I also added some crafting goodies as well (and some sweets, but I didn't bother to take a picture of those *lol*):

Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

Tealight holder / tealight glass

This is the tealight glass I was talking about yesterday. My fickle little muse only wants to make those at the moment *sigh*.
They are ridiculously simple, really, but I have handed out several as presents already and everyone loves them *lol*. Perfect little present. So of course I included one in the package I sent off yesterday.

For the effect on the glass I used a product from Heike Schäfer, but since her products are generelly unavailable outside of Germany and this particular product is not sold via her online shop, you might want to give "Kristallgel" by Viva Decor a try. It's the only other product I found so far that gives this very same effect if you apply dabbing with a sponge. Most other colors either get air bubbles or smooth out and look like shit when dry *lol*. Yes, I am kind of hard to please in this compartment.

The snow was applied using snow paste in a tube. Not sure if there are internationally available products, I'd wager a guess and say yes. The one I use is once again strictly German only.
The glitter on the snow is a transparent one. I have used white iridescent one as well on some glasses, but this one looks more real of course. Real snow doesn't twinkle grenn and pink, does it?

The snowflakes come from my most favourite die out of the winter dies by Tim Holtz. "Winter Wonderland", the one with the snowman (totally awesome as well, used him for another project, but I won't get this done before christmas, sadly). I used chipboard, painted the snowflakes white, distressed the edges using Walnut Stain Ink and added Twinklets Diamond Dust generously. I bought this stuff last year, but never before used it. It is truly gorgeous. I'm sad I only bought the 3 .oz jar, Joanna Sheen doesn't stock it anymore :o(

Totally simple, but as you can see from my babbling, I am truly and totally smitten by these little glasses.

I still have about ten of those glasses left. There is a certain type of chocolate spread my boyfriend loves (I think it is totally disgusting, I truly don't like anything white chocolate *yuck*) and it comes in these whiskey tumbler styled glasses. Awesome for crafting.

For tomorrow I have a desktop calender I'll show you. The pictures I took a completely useless and I didn't check them before I packed the calender up so I couldn't retake them *sigh*. That's blonde little me, I tell you.

Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2010

My first tealight card

This card is the first part of a christmas present I have sent off today. Although this type of card is not very difficult to make, it took me quite some time. I seem to have misplaced my mojo for cards at the moment, while I could make tealight holders (glass) all day *lol*.
I'll show one of those tomorrow btw.

The papers I used are once more from Nitwit. I love, love, love them. I am so glad I finally got around to buying a new inkjet printer. I don't know how I survived all this time without digital paper of which I can just print out another page if I botch something up *lol*.

And I finally used one of my WoJ images instead of the usual Magnolia as well. I really don't know why I don't use little Henry and Betty more often, I love them, always have.

I'll submit this card for the new challenge at Steckenpferdchen.

Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010

Recipe card

My last November project. This recipe card was made for the recipe ketting at the Stempel-Café. Theme was our most favourite cookie recipe. These Caramel Apple Cookies really are kind of famous already. Every time I bring them to any gathering I am handing out the recipe afterwards *lol*
I've never met anyone who didn't love it, which is really amazing, if you ask me.

If anyone needs an English translation of th recipe, let me know.

Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2010

A bookmark?! *lol*

So this is the bookmark I sent with the candle I have shown yesterday. I used it as a card again as well, writing on the back of it. The present was completed be a self knit scarf and a book, so a bookmark as card seemed fitting.

I hope, Anja likes it. Her favorite color is silver, not easy to work with, if you ask me, but I tried at least ;o)

Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Candle in a tin

Moving on to my November projects. There are only three of those actually, but I guess since I rambled about November being my month to write and spitting out thousends of words you are probably not surprised at all.

This was a candle in a tin. I bought it like that and didn't put it in there or anything. I just covered up this tacky, ugly chubby Angel printed on the tin and replaces it with something much more beautiful *LOL*.
I really hate these chubby angel thingys *urg*

Since this was a present, I really hope the vanilla scent of this candle is pleasent and not too artificial. I couldn't get the slightest whiff of it through the closed can. I hope for the best and wait for reports from the person who got it ;o)

Tomorrow will be another bookmark, I'm afraid. It actually came with this candle.

Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

For a change: A book (without a mark)

This is the last of my October projects and it is actually something just for myself *lol*. Most of the time I don't keep the things I craft and hardly make anything for myself.

It's a shopping book and I had it with me at the "Kreativwelt Wiesbaden" a crafting tradeshow close by. Of course I forgot to take pictures before I went, so these are "after" pictures, but I think it survived the ordeal quite well.

It's the first book I ever made. And I wanted it to be flexible, therefore I didn't use a spiral to bind it. I tried book rings first, but those gave too much leeway and looked like crap, so I used simpel ribbon instead. It is probably not the most elegant solution, but I had to come up with something fast and it keeps the book together firmly, while I am still able to remove or add pages whenever I want to.

I'll probably make more books in the future, it was quite a fun project to do.

And yet again... a bookmark

Another bookmark, also donated for a good cause just like the one I have shown yesterday.

Nothing spectacular really, but I love these cute LotV images. I haven't used them nearly enough yet.

Sonntag, 5. Dezember 2010


I've been holding out on you. So sorry for that. I still have several October and November projects left, I never showed to you. I'll start out with another one from October. A bookmark using little Snow White Tilda.

I truly wish Nestabilities would come with one more larger size than they do. The largest is most of the time barely large enough to die cut most stamped images, matting always is out of the question. Just like with this bookmark.

Oh well, I still like it. I donated it with several other things to be sold for a good cause. Though I don't know if someone actually bought it. But I do hope so.