Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

Boy it's cold outside!

It's been snowing for hours now and we still have all that snow from three days ago. This is so unusual for where I live. I think the cold is heavily influencing my crafting, because instead of some last minute Christmas cards I have to make for my family I made this:

It matches the tealight glass I did show several days ago. I gave one of those to my mother as a present at the 6th of December and I might give that bottle to her as well. I usually put in mini chains of light (10 bulbs, sometimes 20, if it fits), but I thought I'd go differen this time and not integrate the chain cable into the crafting like I ususall do to hide it. This way you can still use it as a lamp, the cable will show but there are chains with transparent or white cables, so I think, it won't hurt too much or you can use it as a vase or candle holder for stick candles, whatever tickles your fancy.

I love the way it turned out. And I love the icicles. I wanted icicles so bad for this bottle, because the shape just cried for it and quite loud as well XD. I have started another project yesterday, which I hope to finish by tomorrow, which will give a better view on the beauty of those icicles, but in the meantime you'll have to do with a closeup of my admittedly not perfect first try ;o)

I didn't hold back with the Diamond Dust again. I wanted this amazing bling for this bottle and I have again used it for my new project, but next I'll try to leave them just shiny and clear to see how this looks in comparison.

So I'm off to my craft table now. I still have to at least color some images for those Christmas cards even though I still don't want to make them *sigh*

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