Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Candle in a tin

Moving on to my November projects. There are only three of those actually, but I guess since I rambled about November being my month to write and spitting out thousends of words you are probably not surprised at all.

This was a candle in a tin. I bought it like that and didn't put it in there or anything. I just covered up this tacky, ugly chubby Angel printed on the tin and replaces it with something much more beautiful *LOL*.
I really hate these chubby angel thingys *urg*

Since this was a present, I really hope the vanilla scent of this candle is pleasent and not too artificial. I couldn't get the slightest whiff of it through the closed can. I hope for the best and wait for reports from the person who got it ;o)

Tomorrow will be another bookmark, I'm afraid. It actually came with this candle.

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