Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

Frosty Memo Board

Damn, the winter this year is just craaazy. It snowed most of yesterday and in the middle of the night (it really was after midnight) the temperature rose to 3 degree Celcius plus and the snow started melting. My car war nearly back to black this morning... and about 45 minutes ago it started snowing like mad again O__o

So, fitting the white Christmas atmosphere out of my window I have another frosty project to show today. It is a memo board, the snowflakes acting as pins, but at the moment it's just supposed to look good. The pins need rework, they are too fragile to do their job properly, sadly.

I couldn't resist using the Tim Holtz Alterations snowman again. It is such cute fellow *gg*. I colored him going by the tutorial Tim showed during the 12 tags of Christmas this year. I just left out the scarf. I don't have a ribbon which would work to my satisfaction :o(

As you can see, I used tons of icicles on this project as well. The pictures are once again beyond crappy, but I hope you can see them anyway for the beauties they are. they turned out much better than my first try on the bottle. It might be because they are considerably larger as well, don't know.

Anyway, I might have another thing to show later. Depends on the light when I finish it.

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