Freitag, 4. März 2011

A very fast card

Gooood morning, everyone.

Not much going on here on my blog at the moment and I sincerely appologize for that, but I have been asked to be the Guest Designer for April for the "Stamp With Fun" Challenge Blog and I am currently working on my two required projects as well as a "Secret Easterbunny" (Secret Santa, just for Easter), which of course won't be shown here beforehand either. Then there is a birthday coming up soon for which I need a card (which I might show as soon as it is ready though)... so I am pretty busy, I am crafting, I'm just not telling yet ;o)

But I made this very quick card yesterday and even though it's not much, I still wanted to show it, just to keep the blog at least a little alive.

I am currently in full Stampin' Up mode, so I might make and show more of these rather fast and clean cards in the next few weeks.

For this card I used the "Fast and Fabulous" hostess set and I am absolutely in love with it. I bought it from ebay though. I'd never be able to earn it, since I haven't the space to host a party, two very pesky cats, because they are complete attention whores und it just won't do if the house is full of people and no one is doting on them at alle times *lol* and the amounts you have to spend are ridiculously high in Germany ;__;. You are very lucky in the US, I tell you. If I could order from a US demo, I would do it right away. Need some exsamples?

SAB. You need to spend $50 to get a free SAB set. That are give and take about €40. We need to spend €60.
Earn a level 1 set: You need to spend $150 (€120), we need to spend €225.
Level 2: You $300 (€240), we €450
Level 3: You $550 (€440), we €750

Even with shipping and taxes I would save a fortune that way. *sigh* But it's not to be so... I keep buying hostess sets from ebay *harhar*

Anyway, have a nice day and I promise I'll try not to be too absent.

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