Samstag, 5. März 2011

Another "Fast and Fabulous" card

I made this card today, while I for the first time in three weeks was out of work (I usually work from home on Fridays as they tend to be the most boring day of the whole week). Initially I intended this image to be nothing more then a practice run and used water colour pencils for the first time in aaaages, I'd dare say, years.

Still, I somewhat liked how it turned out and used it for another card. Making these more or less bare, clean and simple cards is still really hard for me. I always think they look naked and have to restrain myself from throwing tons of ribbons, flowers and other embellilshments on it LOL.

But I still like this card and it's always good to have a stash of more simple cards to send out, isn't it?

So this is it craftwise for me at least for the weekend. I'll have another post ready for Sunday, but it won't really be about crafting, more about storage solutions, since I finally found one for my Stickles, which works beautifully for me and I therefore wanted to share with you.

Bye for now!

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