Sonntag, 6. März 2011

Storage 101

Hello everyone! Like I said yesterday, I don't have anything crafted to show you today, but it's still crafty. I believe, crafters are all pretty much the same. We buy tons and tons and tons of stuff and need a lot of storage space for it or at least some clever ideas, if space is limited.

I in particular am a very glittery girl. I don't use it too much on my cards, because I know most people don't appreciate too much bling bling *LOL*, but I still have a huuuuge amount of Stickles at hand. And these little bottles are a real hassle to store intelligently, if you ask me.
You should keep them upside down to avoid air bubbles and the likes, but keeping them in baskets or boxes like I did until a few days ago is never a good idea if you have lots of them.

I wanted a new storage. One that wouldn't take up huge amounts of space on my craft table, but would allow me to see all my Stickles at one glance. And keep them upright down of course.
This is what I came up with:

The Alcohol Inks don't need to be stored in any special way, but I had some space left and wanted them out of the way, so what would have been more obvious.

So, what is this? These are acrylic T-Displays (there are L-Displays as well, but you won't be able to use both sides on those so I preferred the T-version) and I used simple self adhesive velcro dots to keep the bottles in place. The displays are A4 size.
It works and beautifully so. I have had them since Wednesday and everything stays ins place, loading up both sides isn't too heavy and they are easy to move around.
Also A4 is the perfect hight for the Expedit racks from IKEA.

What do you think?


  1. Hi my dear, you found an absolutely perfect solution for the little "sticky" problem. To get a T-display is no big deal for me, but what in god's name are velcro dots. Never heard it before and where can I buy them?
    Big hug, Anja

  2. Nein, du hast keinen Sammeltick! *lach* Ich werd verrückt. Ich hab gerade mal 6 Stickles und finde das schon viel. ;)

    Eine tolle Idee, das sieht soooo super aus. Wow!!!


  3. Super Idee, klasse das die mit den Klettverschlüssen so halten!

    LG Bianca

  4. Klasse Idee, sollte ich mir merken, da es bei mir bald auch halb so weit ist.
    LG Manu/trabi

  5. Das ist ja eine tolle Idee =)

    Liebe Grüße
    von Jay Jay