Freitag, 5. Februar 2010

Oh Dear

About 20 minutes ago the show with Tim Holtz on QVC Germany finished... about 30 minutes early. Well I thought they wouldn't even make it into the second hour, people just went crazy O__o
I pretty much ordered everything I wanted before the show aired, looking things up from the webpage and just added two more sets during the show. What a freaking brilliant idea! I spent way too much money though, slightly over 200 Euros, I don't even want to think about it...
No more crafting stuff for me until the end of March. I'll try to sell some stuff, because I really wanted to order the 1st Whiff of Joy kit together with the new City Girl collection as well, but aside from that I'll have to cut short on the buying shiny new things adiction I have.

But: I'll get the new Distress Ink colours by Tuesday!!! Isn't that amazing? All 12 colors and I bought all 12 Re-Inkers as well, this was such a fantastic surprise.

I'm on a total high right now.

Would anyone of you like to have the show? It is of course 98% German, Tim had a translator in his ear so they didn't translate much on the fly, but I just thought I'd offer.

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