Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010

Another pre Christmas crafting project

Here is another project I did in December and didn't show yet. This cookie tin belongs to my grandmother. It's a beautiful thing, all stainless steel and a lid made of acrylic.
For whatever reason she put ugly stickers all over the lid and when she didn't like it anymore she gave it to my parents telling them I should do something with the tin... great joke.
Well, my father thought it was a good idea to ruin the lid, using terpentine to clean of the sticky residue from the stickers. Part of it went completely blind, you can guess it's the part I covered with the snow. I put a cote of lacquer on the ruined side of the lid, it's an old trick to cover up scratches and such. It worked on most of it, but while trying out on the window sill it started raining *sigh*. Where the drops it the lacquer cracked, but it's actually a nice effect, therefore I didn't do anything about it...

It's not much, since I didn't want to cover up to much of the tin, but at least it's unique and once again presentable. Lets hope she keeps away from ugly stickers *shakes head*

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