Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2010

Valentine candle

Another project I didn't show last year. I made this in November and submitted it to Magnolia Ink, but as I don't have my copy of it yet I don't know if I did make it into the magazine... I guess not, but I thought I should at least try *g*

It's my second attempt at making a candle. I just realized I didn't take any pictures of the first one. I'll do so the next time I visit my parents, as I gave both candles to my mum. She liked the first one though I thought it was crap. I did it according to various tutorials I have seen in different place, but the wax color I use doesn't mix well with the heat gun and even though I used a light color on that first candle it interfered too much with my picture of Tilda. So I changed the glueing the picture on with heat to: Put the picture on double sided white sticky foil to rescue your coloring and get the image on straigt in in one piece. *g*

Comes out like this and I like it much, much better.

I guess you'd need to take the picture off before you could burn down this candle, but I can't really say I do have to care about such details since my mother would NEVER light that candle *lol*.

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  1. Meeensch Heike, Deine Kerze ist einfach ein Traum!!! Wunderwunderschöööön!!!

    Danke Dir fürs Daumendrücken ;-)!!!

    LG Katrin