Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

I proudly present: The Mysterious Easter Decoration Project

I spend the last 3 hours trying to take decent pictures and it's more or less a total loss, but I can't help it now anyway. I had to take the pictures today and those are what I've got.

This post is going to be a huge pic spam, I apologize for that *gg*

I finished the letters on Thursday and thought I'd be done with it the next day, the only thing remaining to do was taking pictures.
In the middle of the night I woke up with a realization and an idea (yes, I am borderline crazy LOL). With my cats I can't have any floor decoration and I don't have enough space on any kind of board or sideboard to row the letters up on.

So I went and bought this backboard, it's a lightweight wood and painted it green. I am anything but a talented painter, but I hope I achieved a modicum of a grass look *g*.

Yesterday morning I started punching and assemblinig the flowers, fireflies and butterflies, but since I had planned an all day shopping trip with my parents, I lost most of the day, so I finished the punching and assembling this morning, finally.

Pictures, like I already said, were as always a huge pain in the ass. The only consolation is that I wouldn't have been able to take better ones on Friday or yesterday as well.

I need to get this additional flashlight for my camera, which can be angled so the light of the flash is indirect. But it costs a small fortune, so this has to wait until my birthday in 6 months.

I'll post the recipe for this monster later, I haven't had the time yet and I have a lot of pictures for that post as well of all the colors used.


  1. Oh mein Gott!!! Was für eine RIESENARBEIT!!! Ich fall um!!! Das ist ja der Oberhammer... da... also... ich bin echt sprachlos!!! Die Idee, die Umsetzung, ... es stimmt einfach alles und sieht hypergenial aus!!! Ganz ganz großes Kompliment!!!
    [Bei Dir würde ich echt gern in die Lehre gehen ;-) ]
    Dabei ist Ostern doch nur so kurze Zeit! Was wirst Du Dir dann erst für Weihnachten einfallen lassen??????
    Sprachlose und absolut faszinierte Grüße schickt Dir

  2. Kinnlade wieder hochklapp

    Umfall Sprachlos

    Liebe Grüße Manu/trabi

  3. BOAH...das ist ja megaschöööööööööön...ich bin einfach sprachlos :0)))

    Liebe Grüße

  4. Das Projekt ist sooo toll geworden. Wenn Magnolia das nicht honoriert, dann weiß ich auch nicht. Das ist einfach wow!!!!


  5. Und Magnolia hat es honoriert im aktuellen Magnolia INK Magazin No.2 2011 Seite 59 ;O)
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch Heike

    Liebe Grüße Manu /trabi