Montag, 7. Februar 2011

Still alive, still working on my easter project

I thought I'd show my face again and the rest of my colored images for my easter project. I don't know if they are enough, especially the accessories might be too few, but I'll have to check that in hopefully a few days when I can add these cuties into the project.
I finished coloring yesterday, finally. I had few bad days, feeling under the weather and all that fun, so coloring took me about 4 days longer than I intended to *sigh*.
But the cutting went much faster. I expected to at least spend several more days at it. I started yesterday night in front of the TV and finished early this afternoon. I even managed not to rub my fingers raw. Yay, big accomplishment.
Scissors always hurt me :o(

This one is being stubborn, but blogger won't let it rotate me correctly.

Some of the colors look really dull in the pictures like the blue butterflies, which are actually a very vibrant mix of blue, green and yellow. I hope I'll manage much better pictures, once the whole thing is finished.

I'll also have a card ready sometime this week to show you, but until then only more sneaks, I'm afraid. Sorry. I hope it'll be at least worth it. I'm still afraid I'll fail in the end.

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