Freitag, 5. November 2010

Pimp my jam and booze and have a card with it

So this is it, the rest of that Halloween present I've been showing you. I admit it, this card is... blah. I didn't have any time left to do a nice, shiny, imaginative card, so I did just a decent coloration and threw some cardstock and paper together, stuck some lace on it, et voilà, not so beautiful card, at your service. Well... I spent too much time on the book, to be frank and it totally threw me under the bus timewise.
The jam and the liquor are both recipes I added to the book. It's pumpkin-carrot-orange jam with lots of yummy spices and an orange-rum-cream liquor. Extremely sweet and only orange because I used lots of food coloring *lol*, but fun at a Halloween party anyway.

So tomorrow I'll something "not Halloween" to show you.

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