Montag, 15. November 2010

Not much crafting going on.

Sorry that I've still not shown the rest of the projects I did in October. I spent my day writing like mad and boy, my wordcount shot through the roof! But yesterday I made some stars/snowflakes in between writing 16.000 words (I tell you, craaazy) and since I think they are so beautiful and easy (and fast) to make, I wanted to show them to you, even though, to me they are still unfinished (no stamping on them yet). Perhaps you would like to make some of your own. Christmas is aproaching fast.

It's a great project for children as well. Super easy still makes it sound harder than it is ;o)

The blue one was my first try and it tought me the only thing you can screw up with these: Don't use too small pieces of sticky tape and only tape the arms of the two halfs together, not all of them as the manual says, because that won't stick.

And I'll stop babbling now and just give you the link.

Have fun!

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