Freitag, 2. Juli 2010

Damn, it's too hot

It's just too damn hot here, I am in kind of a heat coma or something. You breath, you sweat!

And I think my cats feel with me, because they are doing nothing all day but this:

Poor things, all that fur.

No, I'm not much of a summer person. I like that everything is brighter (good for pictures) and I like that it isn't dark so damn early, because working fulltime and crafting often means crappy artificial light, but I absolutely, truly hate heat. *sigh*


  1. *legt sich neben die Katzen*


  2. Wow- das sind ja wundervolle Katzen- wie Cappucino aber edler! Meine lag den ganzen Tag draussen im Schatten unterm Zierpflaumenbaum, wenn sie überaupt raus wollte- drinnen lag sie unterm Bett!
    l.G. ILo