Freitag, 6. August 2010

Christmas in August?

Something like this, yes ;o)

In 2008 I made an advent calendar for a friend who really had had the worst year ever. I decorated 20 10cm acrylic bulbs in her favourite colors - pink and purple and put little stuff in there as well, but the balls/bulbs where supposed to be used as christmas tree ornaments as well.
This year she asked me if I could made some more, but smaller ones this time. So I bought 15 6cm balls and started decorating again. I also made some tealight glasses for her and I was nearly done and also in time for her birthday, when my back pains started.
So now I am horribly late, but I finally have this card finished and can send her her present now. Woohoo... sometimes I hate my life, I tell you.

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