Donnerstag, 22. April 2010

Another of those fairy things for my Grandma

My granny loves her fairies. She keeps buying them always asking me to craft things for her using them. This is fairy #9 so far O__o, I still have 3 left and I am really hoping she'll at least buy some different ones next time, just to get some variation into this.

I used genuine moss and small branches for this one. I wanted to give it this "real" touch. I actually liked it a lot when I was done with it, it was the first of all the fairy project I might have been persuaded to keep for myself LOL. Probably not.

I gave it to her on my mother's birthday as a late Easter gift, since I couldn't visit on Easter. And she gave me yet another thing to do for her. At least this time without any fairies. It never gets boring when my family is involved.

1 Kommentar:

  1. Huhu liebe Heike,

    endlich hab ich Zeit hier etwas zu schreiben. Dein Werk sieht im wahrsten Sinne zauberhaft aus!!! Deine Oma hat sich ganz sicher riesig gefreut!!

    Wünsche Dir ein wundervolles 1. Maiwochenende und sage ganz liebe Grüße