Sonntag, 21. März 2010

The slightly different birthday card

I'm still not back to crafting daily... more once a week *sigh*, but I have something I can show right away for a change. This is a "card" I made for my boyfriend's brother in law. It was his 40th birthday yesterday and he got a CO2 pump for his fishtank so I thought this would be the perfect kind of card.
The text was written on the back of the divider and I didn't take a picture of that, because boyfriend made a mess using a very bold black marker (men are sooo dumb sometimes), but just imagine it there. The back was as unspectacular as it gets anyway.

Taking a picture of this wasn't very easy, using the flash was completely out of the picture and as you can see even great daylight made a mess of the picture, but I think it's good enough to see, what I did.

My next projects will be the birthday present for my mother and two more for the present circle I am part of, but those won't be shown before mid April and later. I hope I'll come up with something else to show in the meantime though. This blog is just too quiet at the moment, I'm very sorry for that.


  1. Meeensch Heike! Deine "Karte" ist ja der Oberhammer und sieht einfach umwerfend aus!!!!

    Ich wünsche Dir noch eine wundervolle Restwoche!

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Oh my gosh-this is so fantastic! So unique-I love it!